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A Guided Journey to Your Heart Begins Now

Embarking on your healing journey takes commitment and courage. Amalia has a curated and personalized process to help you on your path. Beginning this alliance with a Anahata reading will allow her to see into your heart and your chakras as an intake to see where you are and how she can support you. Every modality and form of support she works with is specially created for your needs.


Quantum Heart Reading 

1:1 Reading Into Your Quantum Field

Working with the Quantum field is a look at the past present and future of our past pains and infinite possibilities. These traumas create patterns and belief systems that offer limiting pathways to our life experiences instead of tapping into life's limitless experiences. During a Quantum Reading Session with Amalia, she will look into your field through your heart and chakras and look into what beliefs or traumas you are carrying that are blocking you. This will offer insight into what needs to be healed and cleared and a curated assessment of the next steps will be offered.

Alignment Guidance

If you are looking for support and guidance into the highest version of yourself, or the next version of yourself.

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