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"Rising Ritual"
21 Day Commitment

Rising Ritual is arguably the most important way to start your day. It starts by understanding the meaning of a ritual. By definition, a ritual is a formal ceremony consisting of a series of actions regularly. 


Creating a rising ritual that is consistent in movement, breath, grounding, and heart connection has the potential to create new neuro pathways in the brain, detox from energy that is not serving you, and activate your creative channels to get the most out of your day. 


Most of us have been programmed to live in the flight or fight response system. Most of us operate in survival mode most of time. Especially if you live in a metropolitan city. Many of us may have landed consistency in a morning workout routine, but what about an energetic detox? What about a grounding practice, what about heart connection? 


Have you ever taken a spin class or a HIT workout in the morning then  followed it with a coffee and then head straight to work? You feel super charged and brain is working almost to an overactive level and then crash? This is an over load of dopamine and adrenaline and this can be harmful in the long run.  There is a such thing as your central nervous system being over activated and without grounding after that you will crash a couple hrs later. This is not sustainable and is actually harmful to your adrenals, which effects your hormones. 


It was understanding this that brought me to a specifically curated morning ritual that encompasses all aspects of mind, body, and soul to begin the day balanced and centered. 


Breathwork detoxes your energy body, realigns your central nervous system, creates new neuro pathways in the brain, detoxes heavy metals. Meditation grounds you back into your body balancing your system and calming your mind. Cacao connects you to your heart, activating your heart intelligence, journaling connects you to your feelings, allows you to process your emotions and all that came up for you in your practice. 


Rising Ritual  21 day commitment consists of 21 committed days of 30 min of breathwork, cacao, meditation, and journaling with Amalia. This course is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The full practice will change the course of how you experience your day. In 21 days a habit is formed and this will become your non negotiable in your daily life. 

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” - Carl Jung

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