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Meet Amalia


Amalia Moscoso is a Quantum Healer & Alignment guide who works globally to promote consciousness & collective self-healing for her clients and community.

Her practices are rooted within the baselines of Quantum mechanics, Psychology, Neuroscience & Polyvagal Theory coupled with holistic energetic modalities to connect deeply within each client, in order to reprogram past trauma or belief systems that no longer serve.

Amalia is trained in multiple techniques landscaping from sound healing, Quantum Meditations & Hypnotherapy, breathwork & an original process called the Quantum Heart Method. She works intimately with clients one-on-one, in person, virtually,  or a retreat setting. Amalia specializes in curating a specific experience for each client depending on the intentions or needs of each individual. She leaves everyone feeling empowered, enlightened and ready to step into their aauthentic life.



"Breathwork with Amalia was like no other. We worked through limiting beliefs and mindset stuff I've been holding onto for decades,  in a mere two hours.  Truly a life-changing experience. " 


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